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The World Blind Union estimates that over 90% of all published materials in the world cannot be read by blind or low vision people. Some 285 million people worldwide are visually impaired according to the World Health Organization's 2014 estimates. Read more..

Glossary of Common Publishing Terms

A page in the front matter of the book containing the citation or an expression of recognition of those individuals or entities that may have influenced the author in some significant way in the past or directly influenced the book being published. Read more..

What is an ISBN?

ISBN is an acronym for International Book Numbering System. This is a 13 digit code that identifies the specific book and edition of that book. Even books with the exact same title and content will have a different ISBN for each edition (or product).Read more..

The Peer Review Process

The long-standing tradition of expert peer review of academic works is a significant benefit to the author of those works and the content they have created.Read more..

ADA Compliance

In 1990 the 'Americans with Disabilities Act' was passed and signed into law. The act prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities.Read more..

Illustration Rendering Process

A well-conceived program of supporting illustrations can significantly enhance the pedagogy of almost any academic book. The right illustration can convey substantial amounts of information and take advantage of the reader’s visual learning capabilities.Read more..

The Editing Process

A critically important part of the overall publishing process is the editorial review of the author’s manuscript prior to its publication. Read more..

Rights and Permissions

A thorough permissions assessment and clearance of copyright-protected material can seem like a confusing, daunting task, however, it is an important step in publishing an author’s work.Read more..

The Difference Between Book Publicity and Advertising: Credibility vs. Control

When a book is launched, the goal is to create awareness about the author and his or her title for a variety of reasons including sparking book sales, building the author’s brand, positioning the author as an expert, and attracting professional opportunities for the author such as speaking engagements, professional advancement, and future publishing options. Read more..

White Papers
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